Digital Safety For Parents

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The book aims to provide parents with a comprehensive understanding of the risks and challenges associated with the internet, equipping them with the knowledge and tools necessary to guide and protect their children online. 

Covering a wide range of topics, the book:

  • explores the potential dangers of social media, online predators, cyberbullying, privacy concerns, identity theft, inappropriate content, and other digital threats that children may encounter
  • delves into practical strategies and best practices for establishing healthy digital habits, fostering open communication, setting age-appropriate boundaries, implementing parental controls, and promoting responsible online behavior.
  • offers insights, real-life examples, and expert advice
  • and ultimately empowers parents to navigate the rapidly evolving digital landscape, ensuring your children's safety and well-being in the digital age.


Here is the digital safety checklist from the book (no login/email necessary).


This is a book by Mark Hillick. I have been working in tech for over 20 years, most of which have been in cyber security, 8 of which were in the video gaming industry. I started writing this book unintentionally, in fact it started as a way of formalizing notes so that I could more easily and consistently answer questions from other parents about video gaming, and how they could ensure they and their children were safe and secure on the Internet.

The primary goal of this guidebook is to make the topic of “keeping kids safer on the Internet” more easily understood and accessible, with actionable advice.


As a sample introduction to the book, you can read the Roblox section, which is part of the Gaming Platform cheaper, here.


I previously delivered a presentation of the content in this book, you can find the deck here.

Can I use this in my school/class/university etc?

I'm sure we can work something out :)

Comments on the book

“If you have kids and want some expert guidance on how to let them use tech but also keep them safe, check this out!”

Travis McPeak

“This is really good content from Mark. It’ll be very handy to parents.”

David Rook

“Hey tweeps ... this is something pretty amazing and useful that every parent should read. That is not hyperbole or BS marketing. Mark knows his stuff and knows how to convey it on a practical and actionable level.”

Wim Remes

“This is awesome”

Allison Arvizu

“Such a great contribution”

Omeed Rameshni

“By prioritizing digital safety, we empower our children to make informed choices, safeguard their well-being, and become responsible digital citizens.

If this is top of mind for you or if you're a parent looking to navigate this space, check out "Digital Safety for Parents”

Gladys Martinez

“Thank you for this”

Sarah O’Beirne

“What a fantastic resource for parents!”

Michelle Simpson

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Digital Safety For Parents

5 ratings
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