The Security Path

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As we become increasingly interconnected, the need for individuals who can protect and safeguard both us and the digital world itself has never been greater.

"The Security Path" is your key to unlocking the secrets of a thrilling and rewarding career in the cybersecurity industry. This book is intended to be a comprehensive guide, designed to take you on a journey through the intricate and captivating world of cybersecurity. We will explore the multifaceted dimensions of this field, from the basics of digital threats to the advanced strategies employed by seasoned experts. Whether you're a recent graduate, a junior security engineer, a seasoned IT professional looking to transition, or someone with a genuine passion for protecting the digital realm, this book will equip you with the knowledge, tools, and inspiration to embark on a successful and fulfilling career in security.

With real-world examples and expert insights from interviews with current practitioners in the industry, whether you want to be a penetration tester, blue team member, or security architect, we hope that "The Security Path" will be your trusted companion on your journey through the world of security.


The book is a project by Mark Hillick and William Bengtson.

Book Layout

The book is split into independent chapters, allowing readers the freedom to explore as they wish. Each chapter contains interviews with individuals from the security industry. Many are individual practitioners, some are leaders; some work in big tech, a few work in start-ups, while others are employed in government or more traditional industries, such as finance. Everyone has taken their own unique path into the security industry, with many inspirational stories.

Each chapter is designed as a standalone unit, offering insights and knowledge without relying heavily on linear progression, so you can dive in wherever your interest lies most.

It’s worth noting that recurring themes or concepts may be cross-referenced throughout the chapters, and at the end of the book, we have attempted the seemingly impossible task of summarizing key themes and observations.

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Sample Chapters

  • Jason Chan
  • Mark Hillick
  • William Bengtson

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"Great work by Will and Mark to pull a diverse and interesting group of contributors together!" - David Rook

"Fantastic information and stories to inspire existing and aspiring security folks" - Devina Dhawan

"Valuable for all parts of your career. Give it a go!" - Brigid Johnson

"Some great stories here, and valuable, hard earned, real world advice & guidance" - Derek O'Neill

"Been looking forward to seeing this project be released for some time now." - Tom Alcock

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The Security Path

7 ratings
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